Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: EOS Fuzzy Petal Violet WM225 Circle lens

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of post, been quite preoccupied with work and stuff + half of it was because of me being a slacker again, lolz~ but now I'm back, and I'll be posting up a review of circle lens for the next two post. Please don't get bored~ ^o^ I'll finish it as soon as I can.
Anyhow, today's post is a review of EOS fuzzy petal violet circle lens that I got from my beloved Australian based online shopping site, mukuCHU.

 EOS Fuzzy Petal Violet WM255 Circle lens

EOS Fuzzy Petal Violet WM255 Circle lens
Picture taken on natural daylight

POWER/PRESCRIPTION: -0.00 (Plano) only

B.C.: 8.8mm
DIAMETER: 14.8mm

Where to buy: mukuCHU

Color & Design: photo rat3.png
So yeah, my first violet lens! At first I was a bit afraid of wearing purple on my eye, but I think this one is not as bad. The color is not as vivid irl, you can't really tell its color from afar. It's a beautiful deep purple that blends nicely with my natural eye color. Okay, I'm not a big fan of purple but I won't mind wearing this one and go out! And the design, I like it bcuz there's a bold limbal ring-like on the outer edge. This is the first thing that I look from a light+vivid colored circle lens like this, cuz without it, it tends to make my iris look smaller and pale, which I don't like. Design and color are OK, though I'd prefer the purple to be less vivid irl, a pale violet, that is to say.

Comfort: photo rat4.png
Comfort is OK, just like any other EOS lenses in general. One day, I went out for 8 hours with this lens on (I know it's bad, lol) It started to feel a lil bit dry when I decide to take it off, but it was after a full whole day, so its definitely okay.

Enlargement: photo rat4.png
In term of enlargement, this lens is huge! Thanks to its boldy black outer ring! Hahayy~~~

So yeah, this is a lens that I would wear whenever I feel a little edgy :3 and want to change my look a bit. 

A little update about me being a recent make-up addict:
Been planning to make a post about several beauty products that I really REALLY like! Hehe... idk if it wil bore you out, but I think I'll just do it anyway. Be patient plizz~ cuz I need to finish two more reviews of circle lens ;^; + I need to try and observe the products just a little bit more.

Also, I think I have pacified my long time BB addiction, but of course with ANOTHER ADDICTION! Bwahaha... I DITCHED all of my BB Cream! I'm no longer a BB cream girl at heart! Actually I don't really care about all those BB, CC, and even the ridiculous DD cream anymore >.<. I ordered some of them out of curiousity, but I know I'll never be back in love with BB, sorry bb~~ Hehe

So that's it for today's, I'll leave you with an edited pic of mine wearing EOS Violet WM255 (I tried the LINE camera apps for android.)

Thanks for reading, 'til next time~ :3

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  1. Really!? Your first violet lens? :O I like you with them on! They are very pretty :)

  2. Such a vibrant purple! Looks very pretty ^^, perfect for cosplaying.

  3. omg those lsenses look so pretty! ^^

  4. Wow. Very pretty on you! I still haven't tried any violet lens yet T.T

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  6. I've been looking for some purple lenses and these look perfect! o uo

    Thank you! < 3

    Check out my blog if you'd like:

  7. I have the pink ones (in fact I'm wearing them right now!) and I would love to try the pruple ones too! You look pretty with them! :D

  8. Hmm, I really like the enlargement it gave your eyes!
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  9. I haven't worn circle lens before so I was wondering are they comfortable? I really want to try wearing them! but I'm really worried they wont be comfortable ><

  10. Oh that lens looks really pretty on you!
    Nice review!
    The color is really cute

  11. The lenses look really good on you although I think violet lenses aren't the best for everyday wear, just special occasions :3 But thanks for the review, your photographs look soo professional *u*

  12. I've always been quite curious about these lenses, but I've just been hesitating to try contact lenses since it looks scary to put on, plus the possible chances of eye irritation! Hope you will post more about make-up! I've also been kind of getting addicted to some makeup products as well! Lip products in particular! ♥ hihi