Monday, May 13, 2013

Review: The Skin Shop IRIS Color Control CC Cream

Hey girls~ I got a review for you! It's my first CC Cream experience so I think I MUST share it to you~
I've been meaning to do this review for weeks but I was too busy with my online shop. (yeah I closed my old OS account and create a new one, coz I think the old username was kinda suck, lol). Anyhow, let's get started!

I got mine from THE SKIN SHOP SINGAPORE, you can check their website HERE.

$ 44.90
60 grams

Why CC better than BB Cream?
CC cream was developed to retain all the skincare benefits of BB cream with added nourishing ingredients and the additional aim to provide more effective skin coverage. CC cream is the newest miracle beauty product available and was formulated with technology originating in industry-leader Japan and further developed in Korea.

Triple functional cosmetics
(Whitening effect+Wrinkle improvement+UV A&B Protection)

- BB Cream containing porous powder that keeps clean oil-less and silky skin with controlling sebum effectively
- BB cream containing hyaluronic acid that presents soft and smooth skin tone with enhanced moisture
- Realization of quick and easy make-up thanks to its multi-functions(Whitening + Anti-wrinkle + UV protection)
- Key ingredients : Portulacae herba extract, Ecucalyptus extract, Papaya extract, Hoeny extract, Wheat extract

Special Function:
- High Coverage
- Sebum Control

CC cream, pump dispenser~

The Skin Shop CC Cream ingredients

a lil bit too dark for me ;( and it will get even darker when oxidized. but I can still tolerate it.
CC cream swatch, roughly blended

Swatch, natural lighting

Swatch - oxidized (indoor lighting)
I can't really capture the true color of the swatch properly, the first swatch is the most accurate one. So pleasae refer to it :)

On my face:

dewy finish (unedited)

Like I said, this is my first CC cream experience. They like a HUGE HIT all over the blogsphere lately, you know that! High end brand like CHANEL even produced their very own CC Cream. I'm ordering more CC Cream (from Etude House to be exact) and they will be arrived at mail in two weeks~ yaaay! Can't wait!

Anyhoo, This CC cream, is one of the pioneer in Korean cometics, The Skin Shop produced this CC Cream long before CC cream makes its hit. I'm super keen to try. It's a little bit different too from todays CC Cream, there's no color changing formula, and everything looks almost the same like actual BB Cream.

The Skin Shop Iris CC cream & BB difference:
Tbh, I can't really tell the difference between TSS Iris CC Cream and any other normal BB Cream around there, the texture feels the same, the way it glides on skin is just the same too, just how your normal BB cream would do.
Also, unlike any other CC Cream, Iris CC cream claims to have a better coverage than BB Cream (while usually, other CC cream would have a sheerer coverage). Is that true? Well, I'd say it DEPENDS! Which BB Cream you'd try to compare? The best BB cream coverage from which I've ever tried would be Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream and BRTC whitening & repairing BB Cream, and these BB babies have a better coverage compared to Iris CC Cream. But however, it still has a pretty good coverage in general, though I still need a separate concealer to hide acne scar etc.

Verdict: pretty much the same with average BB Cream. Like the combination of CC+BB Cream in one.

Has medium coverage with dewy finish. Though having a dewy finish, it has a rather good oil control (I'd say its oil controling properties is REALLY good if I only haven't tried Revlon WHIPPED foundation which I recently tried, lol. Will be revieweing this soon). The shade, however, is a little bit too dark for me, a lil bit leaning towards pink, and can sometimes makes my face looks dull. I'm a BOBBI believer now, yellow undertone is like, the best (for me).

Once, I tried to apply it with a round foundation brush (my favorite is one from Estee Lauder), I didn't really like the result. Or maybe I just need to improve my face sculpting technique? haha! I like the result better when I apply it with my fingers. It doesn't really accentuate dry patches on skin, but it looks a little cakey under the sun ;^; The formula isn't really pigmented, I need to build more coverage and that when I start to build the 'cakey' look. It's my skin to be blamed (me, actually ~__~).  But yeah, I still like this CC cream~

The packaging is what I like the most, a pump type ^^ very hygienic and easy to use. The pump is user friendly too~ It has a refreshing smell, somewhat like an eucalyptus perhaps? And oh, this baby is kinda huge, 60gr, that lots of it. So don't worry about the price~

What I like:
★ Contains Hyaluronic Acid, good for dry skins.
★ Rather good oil control.
★ Doesn't aggravates acne.
★ Good for sensitive skins

- Not really smudgeproof, it still transfer to clothes.
- Not a fragrance-free and paraben-free product.
- Only one shade available

Oil Control: photo rat4.png
Staying Power: photo rat3x.png
Coverage: photo rat3x.png

The Skin Shop SG facebook page:

So that's it~ if you're in Singapore, you can visit The Skin Shop outlets and ask for a sample :) I hope this review will help you choose the right CC cream for your fez! Hehe...

Also~~ I will be posting a huge haul post, I bought numbers of make-up product (cuz I think I need to complete my make-up kit). I might merge all of 'em in one post or make several haul post + random review galore. Depends on my mood :) hummm~ Be sure to check my instagram @dolljjang for a glimpse of my recent haul (just some of them). Bubbye~


  1. Looks just like a BB cream haha. I think CC creams have evolved after this came out to what its now, sheer and colour changing. Looks good though, thanks for the review :)
    I want to try the Etude house CC cream too ^o^

  2. it is so similar to bb cream, i really love your eyes though <3 want to try the tony moly and etude house cc creams (: also the hera and face shop one ^^

  3. Chanel made a CC cream already? Wow!!!

    I don't like the CC cream that has the color beads in it, because I have a body shop BB cream that is the exact same technology...the entire premise is that if you blend it more, the beads burst more and there is more color it's not really all that special to be honest.

    I can't wait to read your review on the Etude House CC!

  4. wow it looks good on you! i wanna try CC cream awesome review!! very detailed too!

  5. I've never heard of The Skin Shop before, it reminds me of The Face Shop and The Body Shop xD Thanks for the review! ^^

  6. Wow, I didn't even know that the CC cream exists until I read your blog post! Thanks for sharing and can't wait for your next review! ^o^

    Celyx Lim

  7. wow, love the dewy look, good on you :D

  8. I heard about CC creams a while ago, but I haven't found one that has really called out to me, hehe!
    Thank you for the review!

  9. Looks good! May consider switching to a CC cream, since its better for the skin (: Thanks for the review :)


  10. All these CC creams popping up makes me want to try it too! I still find it so weird that some of them come out white and change colors!

  11. Greeeetings! LOL omg your blog looks cute! I love the header. hehe. & nice product review as welllll! If you have time , I'd reaaaally appreciate it if you checked out my blog as well. hehe~ LOL. Feel free to follow it as welll. Thanks so much . c: xoxo


  12. oil control looks so great >,<

  13. It looks really good, and blends into your skin tone perfectly! :)

  14. I love how it blends smoothly! :)

    Cute contact lens by the way :)

    Jamie Kate
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  15. Fotd pertama dewasa banget..cantiikkkkk hihihiii

  16. It is quite expensive for a cc cream. Especially since i have never heard of this brand.

  17. Looks like a great product. Will be eagerly waiting for more.

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    And will love to hear from you. I am a new follower of yours

  18. wah the color of this CC Cream is little bit grey-ish I think >.<

  19. ohh I didn't knew that chanel made a CC cream too :o
    I heard alot of good things about CC creams too. Everyone's lately buying and reviewing them in blogger. I really wanna try them too ^-^* I think I'd like to try the one from Etude house hehe.
    btw, I love love love your circle lenses they're really vibrant haha :D
    And thank you for sharing this nice review *^~^

  20. Hi! You've got a great blog here and I'm your follower. I'd love it so much if you could follow me back via GFC and Bloglovin :) it'd be great to keep in touch!

  21. Oh many thanks for this honest review. This CC Cream has a really nice coverage. Looks more like a BB Cream to me is my first time with this brand.

  22. I think I'm such a noob when it comes to beauty products. I heard of BB cream for the longest time but not a CC cream. You got this from a shop in Singapore? Cool. That's where I come from. Hehe

  23. A very nice review <3

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    XOXO, <3

  24. There are so many variations of cc creams I don't know what a true cc cream is! My Tony Moly cc cream has low coverage and has the colour changing technology.