Saturday, June 15, 2013

Massive Make-up & Skincare HAUL + Jojo Palette Review!

Guuuuys! Sorry for the long wait! Hehehe... I can't stop buying things and so here's the promised haul post for ya! These are my recent buy from May to June.

Taraaaaa~~~*Another beauty haul! It's not all, I still have couples of items uncaptured cuz I forgot where d'heck did I put them O_O
Anyway, on the top center I have 'yet another' palette, S104 78 color eyeshadow from NYX, and then some STILA travel palette, I also bought a number of foundation, bare minerals brushes and pink brush set, Make-up book by Robert Jones (one of my fave MUA), CC cream, base, some Lioele stuff (sleeping pack, pore rich balm), lipsticks, curlers, skincare, Bourjois blush, etc, etc... lol

Closer look~ On the left side of bare minerals brushes are TFS eyeshadow stick (which is perfect for inner corner eye brightener!), REVLON just bitten kissable in crush, NYX Jumbo eye pencil in milky.
Eyeshadow from Stila (sydney and london travel palette), Clinique duo eyeshadow in rusted roses (favorite!♥), Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude matte eyeshadow palette, Lipstick from ANNA SUI (fave!!♥), Vincent Longo, Beauty Buffet. Bare minerals loose powder brushes & Masami Shouko blush brush.

Here I have Etude house look at my eye - eyeshadow in orange, The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex single eyeshadows, tony moly mini tint, Etude House sweet Recipe all over color in peach, Etude house curler, Tony moly mini berry tint.
Lioele waterdrop sleeping pack, Lioele secret pore rich balm, Lots of lioele sampler (BB cream, pearl blooming base, waterdrop BB Cream, Beyond the solution BB cream, Triple solution bb cream), SIGMA E60 large shader brush, The face shop lovely me:ex make upbase in green, Tony moly backstage eyeliner gel in brown, Pixy black eyeliner gel.
Foundation! Since I'm now a Foundie girl at heart, I've found my soulmate already! Hehee...Here they are: Revlon whipped cream foundation in buff (I bought two jar because I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!), Revlon photoready airbrush mousse foundation in shell (don't like it bcuz it has shimmer!), SEPHORA light veil mousse foundation (my first love~!), Milani Mousse foundation which I adore so very much!

And here's my new skincare line form! Yeaaay! Finally, I've been struggling with minor acne for months and I'm VERY satisfied with the result. Skincare will prevail, lol! The combination of ENCA AC control toner + ENCA AC drying pinky powder + ROJUKISS celtic lime tree mist works like miracle! I'll make a full post about this lovely skincare line later :) (and also a GIVEAWAY~soon!)

Sooo yeaa, completing and revamping my very own make-up traincase is so amusing! I'm gonna look for a new bigger traincase too. I want one in silver or pink :)

Then, I want to show you some of my favorite items which makes me fall head over heel in love with them~! I can find myself wearing these quite often bcuz I really really like it :3

 SEPHORA light veil foundation and CLINIQUE eye shadow duo in Rusted Roses!♥♥

Hehe... I bougt Sephora Foundation from MusesWonderland, the result is far beyond my expectation. Being mesmerized by the result of mousse type foundation, I hunt lots of mousse and whipped type foundation and luckily found some holy grails! Thanks Sephora fond de teint! You opened my eyes! 

While the Clinique eye shadow duo in rusted roses is a preloved items pre-owned by a friend, Jaclyn.  I bought it on a whim cuz the price was so cheap and the duo color looked enticing and wearable. Plus... it's a Clinique~!

 ANNA SUI ~ Sui Rouge V 361.

I Love love LOVE this lipstick! ANNA SUI also changes my old perspective about lipstick. My first lipstick was NYX round lipstick and I grow to dislike it by time bcuz of its incredulous and sloppy quality. But ANNA SUI is different. I know everyone on BEAUTYLISH love this baby as well. Anna Sui Rouge feels more like a tint in stick form and it has an exhilarating real rose scent!
Will also make a separate review for this baby later ^-^

Okaaay, moving on from a haul post, now I have a palette to review! It's an eye shadow and eye brow palette sponsored by KKCENTERHK.

EyeShadow Color : Pink & Sliver & White
Eyebrow Color : Brown & Black
Box Size : 10cm x 4cm x 1cm[

I'll make a quick review for this palette :) First, about the packaging. It looks like your typical eyeshadow case. Design is just OK, I like it. But the material used need to be improved. The plastic packaging is kinda wobbly and is not sturdy. I think it will break apart on the first time you drop it! Haha!
It comes with a dual sided applicator, sponge brush for eyeshadow and pricky flat brush for eye brow. They're pretty much useless so I'll just throw it away.

What I like about this palette is the eye brow color. The colors are so natural and they're long lasting :) The lighter shade turned out darker swatched, but still match my hair nicely.

The eyeshadows are so-so. Barely has any color pay-off on eyelids even with base, and they look so frosty that I think it's better to use them as inner corner eye brightener instead of the actual eyeshadow. The texture is very crumbly! far away from the creaminess you dreamt off~ hahaay!

On my next post, I'm still going to continue my eye shadow/eye palette review galore :)
I'll leave you with a photo teaser~ Ciao!

 Banila co. Jessica friday the night eye palette!


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