Friday, June 28, 2013

Review: CLEAR COLOR CL105 Natural Brown Lens + mini haul

Today I'm going to make a review of my current favorite circle lens! finally, hehe...another natural brown colored circle lens. This review is sponsored by KPOP2.


 Clear color CL 105 circle lens. a VERY natural brown lens :)

EOTD ~ Above are my current signature eye make-up. I used Tony moly backstage eyeliner gel in brown. clinique mascara (1 coat only), and NYX eyeshadow (the peach one from NYX 78 eyeshadow collection S104), Etude House proof 10 eye primer.

Color & Design:  photo rat4x.png Love the color and design so very much! No wonder, I choose the lens myself so I know I'll definitely like it! The brown color is a sweet chocolate brown, it matches my natural eye color so well that no one would expect me wearing a lens. I also like its simple design, so pure and innocent! The print is not too pixelated, it's quite sharp imo, though you'll still notice the pixel if you examine it closely. but heck who'll notice that? :D

Comfort:  photo rat4.pngnothing to complain about. It might felt a little drying after awhile but that doesn't really bother me anyway.

Enlargement:  photo rat3.png being 14mm lens, it's normal that it gives me just a little enlargement. Perfect to go along with my current signature eye look which is also very natural looking.

Overall: photo rat4.png I like this pair! If you like natural style make-up, or "no make-up" make-up then you'll going to love this lens :)

Here's me wearing clear color CL 105, I look older and flat lately :( unedited yeah~

By the way, I got a mini haul (yesterday and today!) Let's take a look!

WET N WILD blush in pearlscent pink, lipgloss in seedless watermelon, and H2o proof liquid eyeliner in black! I'll try it today :) *so excited~

I just now I received this!!! this!!! a BABY~~! If you're an old follower of my blog then you'd prolly know what is this! ♥♥♥ Yeaayyy I'm dancing like a happy mango!

Hell yeaaaa it's another jar of MIZON all in one snail repair cream! I ordered this early in June and this baby finally arrived at mail today! I'm super super excited! It's like the best SNAIL cream I've ever tried, leaving SECRET KEY snail cream bites the dust! Read my previous review of Mizon all in one snail repair cream HERE.

I really recommend this snail cream! It doesn't leave a greasy/sticky feeling on skin, cure acne and blemishes, getting rid of skin troubles, scars, and acne marks. Has a great healing properties! Thanks Mizon :)))
My skin has never been as good as when I'm continuously using it! Thanks mizon, you'll always be my number one favorite skincare

Hehe... I think that's all for now! I have lots of thing to be reviewed. For upcoming review, it would be a review post if wishtrend's product, Wet n Wild, and maybe Etude House?

Gonna leave you with a goofy looking selca~


  1. I haven't heard of this circle lens brand before but they look so nice and natural!

  2. These lenses look so nice on you. Really natural and beautiful...And you look so cute on the images :D

  3. wow these lenses look really natural D: I had planned to buy the Angel Color Annex Ring, but these look so nice :C aww, I'm jealous, you look pretty even with goofy face. When I try to do it, it looks more like really ugly crier >:C

  4. I've never heard of this circle lens brand but the lenses are really natural and pretty c: I love 'no make'-make up but the diameter looks so small :c I love how natural but yet really beautiful you look! *-* your boyfriend must be really proud to be your boyfriend haha :)

  5. That lens looks really pretty and natural on you but is because you have naturally brown eyes. Really nice haul.

  6. Wow, these lenses are BEAUTIFUL! Best thing is that they are even natural looking as well!

    PS: You are still pretty with a goofy face on hehe. :)

  7. These lenses are so pretty~ >u< Thanks for the review~

  8. I want one like that!! so natural!

  9. Super natural looking lenses!Interesting that it has a writing on it too haha :D
    Oh I've been hearing so much about the Mizon snail cream! I really want to try it too!


  11. Thanks for reviewing these! I've been looking for natural looking lenses..

  12. natural banget sampai nggak keliatan pakai circle lense

  13. Those lenses look so natural!!! Thanks for the review.


  14. Hi! I nominated you for an award ^^, check it out!

  15. it looks great on you!
    and looks natural also :) i love it


  16. lovely look ya cherr as usual heheheh


  17. looking cute and natural with the brown lenses!:)
    check other brown ones here too!