Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review: SECRET KEY SNAIL+EGF Repairing Gel Cream

Yo girls, I'm back with another skincare review :) Well, actually I feel reluctant to make a review of Sectret Key SNAIL + EGF repairing gel cream because I even stopped using it (switched back to my second jar of MIZON snail repair cream). But I got lots of request from lovelies from facebook group, so yeah... here goes:

 SECRET KEY SNAIL+EGF Repairing Gel Cream

 double lid jar

 SECRET KEY SNAIL+EGF Repairing Gel Cream

Volume : 50g

Main Contents

Snail extract, EGF, Witch hazel extract, Aloe Vera leaf extract, B-Glucan, Lemon extract

Product Description
Moisture cooling effect UP and oiliness DOWN.
Natural preservatives used.
Prevents skin from drying and keeps moisture for long hours.
Gel cream that improves troubled skin

About the product:
Just another SNAIL repairing cream that's being hyped up lately. Everybody's talking about Secret Key right after I made my first purchase and I initially thought  my skin will like this gel cream, cuz it's oil-free and contain snail mucus. Another ingredients that I like is BETA GLUCAN, I've been using skincare products with Beta Glucan as the main ingredients for more than 5 years already and I like it. (fyi, Mizon snail cream also has B-Glucan in it). And about EGF, EGF stands for Epidermal Growth Factor. Basically, this EGF is a growth factor that stimulates cell growth, and this EGF also stimulating our Stem Cell to grow even more and replace others broken cell or tissue on our skins.

Read my favorite STEMCELLO EGF Vitamin C serum HERE.

First off, I had high hopes for this gel cream, really :( but all in all this is just a so-so product for me, though I've read so many good review about this cream out there. Sadly my skin doesn't seem to like it. It doesn't give significant result like MIZON all in one snail repair cream did. And to be frank, it doesn't give any result at all. I purchased this cream early in January and I stopped using it after two months.

Sounds like I really hate this product, eh? lmao. actually no, the fact is, I've tried another snail cream that works in a MUCH BETTER WAY than this (you know what product I rave about, yes it's mizon!^-^). The first thing I hate about SECRET KEY repairing gel cream is the SMELL! Yuck! It's so perfumey. I immediately smell its annoying strong floralish scent on a moment I open the inner lid. and I was like " ewwww.... I don't need parfume in my skincare product!"

Second, and just like I've said, I didn't see any result. But I can't really blame this poor gel cream all over because, you know, my skin was in its worst condition back in January. Lots of blemishes, scars, and pigmentation. Urghhh. (though, my skin has improved quite a bit now).

On the brighter side~~~ well, I do have few things that I like from SECRET KEY SNAIL+EGF Repairing Gel Cream. lesse... I LOVE its gel consistency! It's oil-free and doesn't leave any sticky feeling on my skin. It moisturizes quite well and I find that my skin has become less oilier too.

I've read somewhere on naver that this could also be used as a sleeping mask due to its gel consistency. I've never tried that before but I think it will do the job better that way, perhaps? But heck I won't stand the flowery smell it haz >.< so I definitely won't try it.

About the packaging, I don't mind jarred skincare products, I actually like it. I can use up all the product til the last drop, yay! I always disinfect my fingers thoroughly before I dare to touch my face. If you hate to dip your fingers in, just buy a spatula because it doesn't come together with the spatula.

Anyhow, though I said that this gel cream doesn't work on my acne-prone skin. Surprisingly, a friend of mine told me that this gel works nicely and improved her troubled skin a lot! Good to hear that~

Remember that result can be different from person to person, and this review is based on my personal experience.

Will I repurchase? Definitely no. I will stick to MIZON snail cream for the time being :)


Hope you find these reviews helpful, and see you next post! Au Revoir! ♥ .


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  2. Aww, too bad it didn't work out well for you! I don't think my skin will like this either - I hate, hate overpowering smells in my skincare! (I don't mind Laneige's scents, though)

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  3. I really hate perfumed skincare products too! I mean what the point of having perfume on our face? :(

    I also agree with your review. I'm really not a huge fan of Secret Key. The fact they have a lot of products with copycat packagings of other brand annoys me. I feel this brand have no personnality and no good product enough on its own :(

  4. hi, there
    nice review u have, I was gonna try it but since u mention about the strong perfume. think I should back off, I don't like perfumed skincare either
    thanks for reviewing :)

  5. sayang banget ya di kamu ga cocok... ak kmrn sempet mau purchase ini tp ga jd wkwkwk

  6. very cool! thanks for sharing this! :)


  7. lagi hype banget ya kayaknya snail cream ini. sayang banget di kamu ga cocok.

  8. Ooh, I was planning to buy a snail cream since I've heard there are benefits from using them. I wasn't sure which one to buy, either the MIZON or Secret Key. :S I was planning to just get the one that was cheaper heh.

    Stars Aligned

  9. Thank you for the review I was hesitating to get a snail cream and couldn't pick between this one and mizon but now I know the answer lol thank you~

  10. Thank you for the honest review! I've heard of snail creams before but I've never really try to check them out. Anyways, thanks Rin :)

    Celyx Lim

  11. A shame this cream wasn't as good as your other one!
    I want to try a snail cream after hearing so many good things about it...but I can't bring myself to buy one!! I have a big phobia of snails; don't even think I can scoop the snail slime out of the tube let alone put it on my face >___<"

  12. Too bad really that you did not see any results with this refreshing gel. Actually I have not tested any product of Secret Key but still look some tempting for me. The packaging is nothing special and it's a shame that the product did not have visible results.

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  13. What an interesting product...Snail? I wanna try *__*

    Thanks for sharing.

    恵美より ♥

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  16. Hi! Thanks for the review. Love your blog layout. ^__^

  17. I've never tried any snail products. Too bad it wasn't as great as you were expecting. :(~~~~
    Miss you, girl!! <3

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    thanks for the review, this is very interesting article... ^__^

  19. Thankyou for the honest review!

  20. Mmm.. I really want to try beauty products with snail extract on it. But seems like I haven't find one. Maybe I should try the MIZON cream you mentioned above (:

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  22. the texture looks nice actually!

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  23. Thanks for the helpful review, I got a sample of this recently and was wondering about it.