Thursday, August 8, 2013

July Haul: Make-up and Skincare! SEPHORA & Clinique

Hi :) So we meet again on July's haul post. Hehehe, This time I have a mini make-up haul and skincare haul (I decided to switch to Clinique).

This was from last week :) Here's the list for you:
- SEPHORA pro lesson smokey eye palette
- NYX love in parries let them eat cake
- H&M hello kitty palette
- Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation ()
- Too Faced chocolate soleil bronzing powder
- Too faced lip insurance (I bought two)
- NYX lip pencil in natural
- Urban Decay lipstick in GASH
- SHU UEMURA natural face brush (junior version of Shu uemura 27 brush) ()
- SHU UEMURA eyelash curler
- SHU UEMURA loose powder #colorless ()
- Missha the style eyeshadow pink
- Benefit Cha Cha tint mini, Benefit Stay don't stray mini, Benefit Sunbeam mini
and some of other little thing that I forgot to include in the pic

Other thing....
Finally got my hand on these! I bought double beauty blender make-up sponge! Oh yeay! One for me and one for client, that's what I think. This cute egg like sponge is very very soft and bouncy. All this time, I've been using foundie brush from Masami Shouko, Sigma (F80), and Estee lauder, but nothing comes in par with beauty blender. And I mean it. Robert Jones (proffesional MUA) said that, the only time brushes are better than a sponge is when doing a retouch, and he's right!

Shu uemura natural face brush, Shu uemura loose powder in colorless, Illamasqua rich liquid foundation RF135

These are my holy grails! The brush is actually all white in color (pardon the low quality phone-cam picture) and made from goat hair, This face brush is very similar, like a junior size of Shu uemura 27 face brush, which is also floppy and bouncy. Definitely love it! And I bought Shu uemura face powder few days after I received the brush, just to make it 'complete' lol. 

Illamasqua rich liquid foundation is a totally versatile foundation that could also be used as a concealer, it's highly highly pigmented! Result is flawless, semi matte, and if you have a well cared skin, it will blend REALLY well with your skin and people won't notice that you're wearing a foundation, just like a better second skin. I used less than a pea sized amount, result is VERY VERY natural yet it COVERS!  This is my holy grail! And I've been using it almost everytyme I go out, until last week T___T Clinique Anti Blemish line crazily dried out my skin and the result isn't as beautiful as it used to! Sobbbb! (issokai, I switch to Revlonn whipped cream for the time being as it formulated without ingredients that could exacerbate acne like talc and fragrance), thought it will be a better option during purging period like this ;^; hopefully.

So yea, now I can't stop CRAVING for other SHU UEMURA and ILLAMASQUA products! I love love LOVE these certain BRANDS!

And here's my CLINIQUE haul! ^-^ Mostly skincare! I bought ANTI BLEMISH SOLUTIONS 3 step system which include mousse foam, lotion, and moisturizer. I also bought Clinique take the day off cleansing oil, Clinique mousse facial cleanser, normal facial cleanser, post blemish pen, Clinique anti blemish spot treatment gel (), moisture surge refreshing eye gel, moisture surge cream, Clinique blush brush, mascara, Estee lauder mascara, Clinique 7day scrub, Clinique blended face powder in neutral and invisible blend ().

*Note: I'm still in purging period! (been using it for 1 week) Clinique anti blemish 3 step system give me like the worst blemish ever and has completely changed my skin! (it's DRY now! yet still oily) ewww.... But I will continue using it and I really hope I can get through the purging period because I really want to love this line! Wish me luck!

I'll be back with more updated and detailed review later on, just be sure to check on my previous haul post and mail me if you want me to review certain products :3

And, lastly, I'll be HOSTING A GIVEAWAY soon! do watch out for it~!


  1. REALLY want a beauty blender! Nice products!

    Lorraine xx

  2. i used the clinique an solutions line about a year ago and it REALLY helped my skin a lot! wish you luck

  3. i have dry and oily skin all the time lol I hate it! :3 And super excited for giveaway XD

  4. I loved your haul ..<3 <3
    and read your blog. love yogur

  5. Great haul! Please come and check out my giveaway!

    - kat

  6. I love rich liquid foundation, it covers all my flaws :D

    Love, Leonita

  7. oh wow! hows the nyx love in paris palette? I love the colors! <3

  8. Now i'm craving for the illamasqua foundation!

  9. Sooooo many things!!! I'm currently looking for a foundation, since my MAC Face&Body sample is almost over, and I want to try others. Do you think this Illamasqua foundation is suitable for warm tone fair dry skin? Thanks!!!

  10. woow , you bought so many beauty products! :o How much money did you spent on all these products! clinique is so freaking expensive here >u<
    You should review them all time by time :3

  11. Your blog is so cute and lovely to read
    Im really interested in the double blender sponge >.<

    -jesline, xx

  12. Wow~ So many amazing products~ I hope you'll review them! c:

  13. I always wanted a pack of beauty blender! It's very often on review <3 anyway, great makeup haul!

    Instagram: @michelleothman

  14. So any amazing products ^^
    Hope to see some reviews ^^

    恵美より ♥

  15. I've come across the beauty blender on so many beauty blogs and I'm still very intrigue about how it works so well.

    I'm sorry to hear that your skin is not in tip top condition after usage of the Clinique anti-blemish. I hope your skin unveils a whole new clear and pretty complexion after all the purging.

  16. What a great haul! There is so many amazing products!
    I really want to get some Shu Uemura products and beauty blender too. :)
    I love Clinique stuff! Most of my own skin care products are from Clinique!
    I hope their products will work for you!

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  18. Awww, H&M palette nya imut bangeeetttt >.<"

  19. The Clinique Anti blemish line is actually very damaging to the skin. Clinique uses very strong chemicals in their products in order to show quick results, maybe thats why the toner smells like nail polish remover. In the process of using these products they will clear your pimples but after you stop your pimples will comeback. If you don't want your skin to be so dry try not to use all the products in that line using a moisturising. Also don't use it on a daily basis it is not good for skin to be absorbing so much harsh chemicals. <3 hope it helped