Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: ELISHACOY Herbal Massage Cold Cream

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA for weeks ._. currently busy with work and stuff. Anyhow, I have a skincare review for you, a skincare product from Elishacoy, Herbal Massage Cold Cream. I got this from the lovely Korean skincare store WISHTREND.com

Quick Overview:
Forget about the previous cleansing !
Amazing combination of natural herb
and handmade ingredients.
Easily and simply cleanse off your face !

+ Soft and puffy like a whip cream
+ Clear and Bright skin
+ Skin Soothing

USD $ 26.49

 it's HUGE, yay for 200gr of product ^-^

 Spatula not included!* I bought the spatula separately

 photo taken with flash

This cream works amazing as a makeup cleanser!!! Really~ I love this stuff! It removes any kind of waterproof make-up very easily without any hassle. I just rubbed it gently over eyeliner and lipstick, and the swatches goes away without any traces.

Unedited before after photo of me.  I didn't want to show you my fullface bare face because believe me you wouldn't want to see it as my skin is still recovering from all the damage clinique has done. Upper part of my face looks okay now, but on lower part of my cheek, I still have lots of milia, blemishes, and crazy spots T___T
 Before cleansing

After Cleansing & massaging

Those with dry skin with love this stuff! It leaves skin feels smooth and supple, you can tell, I still have shine but that's because I didn't wash it off again with facial foam, though I should (because my skintype is oily).

What is this:
ELISHACOY Herbal Massage Cold Cream is a cleansing and massaging cream, made from natural herb with four natural main ingredients: Marine collagen, ceramide, phyllostachis bambusoides juice, Swiss alpine herb complex. Its main function is to maintain skin elasticity and keep it moisturized.

For more information about the product + detailed usage instruction please visit WISHTREND.com

Who will like it?
People with dry skin! Yes, those will dry skin will love love LOVE this stuff, it moisturized so well. And for people with oilier skin, it would be better to wash off your face again afterwards with extra mild cleanser to avoid any excess oil, because the cream is very rich. 

I picked up this product when I was looking for cleansing oil on wishtrend. I liked its vintagey advertorial banner so much! (reminds me to THE BALM products actually!), and I know I just have to try this cold cream! Basically, this product is the new-upgraded version of old cold cream, which was produced in 1970 according to this banner:

First off, let's talk about the packaging, it comes in a HUGE brown double lidded plastic jar, you'll get 200g of product and I'm sure it will last years! I use one-two scoop (spatula not included) each time. And for travel, I'd transfer some of the cream to 10ml mini plastic jar and put them in my beauty pouch. 

The cream itself is very very creamy and kind off oily, but I think this is what makes it more effective as make-up cleanser. It slightly smells like a medicine, reminds me to some kind of skin ointment, CHLORAMPHENICOL, lol.

Upon massaging, the cream will slowly turns from white colored to transparent. It feels very oily on skin too, the same like massaging your face with cleansing oil, just a bit less oilier. On the packaging, Elishacoy mentioned that we have to use it on a cleansed face, but heck, I think this work better as a makeup cleanser anyway. So in the future I'd just use this cream as a cleansing cream just as in double cleansing method. Without later rinsing, it makes my skin feel oilier than it already is. 

So here's how I use it:
cleansing (gentle cleanser/milk)  massaging (cold cream)  cleansing (facial foam) 
massaging (cold cream) cleansing (facial foam)

And yes, its moisturizing properties is awesome, I tell you, if you have dry skin, or if you wear makeup on daily basis, you're going to love this product. However, it might caused minor breakouts, especially if you're acne prone, just be sure to really cleanse the face afterwards.

Overall. I love this stuff, I use it sparingly with Clinique take the day off cleansing oil (which also works like wonders!)

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a little update about my irl life, I've been busy doing job as a makeup artist (I'm an aspiring one at that, lol), as a designer, and busy managing my mini online shop.

One of my cat gave birth to four fluffy baby kitten! Yaaay! Sadly one of them didn't make it and died on the third day :( Here's one of them anyway. She's still small and can barely walk, haha! There's literally 5 cats and 3 kittens at my other house now, the other mama cat is pregnant atm, more cutie newborns are to be expected! ♥

'till next time :3


  1. great post!!


  2. i've heard about cold creams before, but i wonder if there's much of a difference between this and the original ponds? i imagine these to be similar to cleansing oils in how they work, so i'm curious to try one out sometime. great review (:


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  5. Actually after reading your review I would like probareste product. Sounds like an excellent moisturizer.


  6. this seems great!
    was it the clinique acne soloutions that caused damage to your skin? because when i used it my skin got so bad for about 2 weeks and then it mostly cleared up.

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