Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review: Wet n Wild Liquid Eyeliner & Megaslicks Lip Gloss

Heee~ sorry for the lack of post *again. I was busy doing some stuff, y'know... like reading manga (one piece) and sleeping. *whacked*! Just kidding! Hahaha... Actually life is just getting a bit more hectic than usual. Well, I knew that's definitely a classic reason from a simpleton like meh, but meh... Blogging also need mood, I mean, if I don't feel like writing then I won't. Don't get me wrong though, it's just a matter of 'mood', huhuh...I am still... dedicated! :3

Anyhow~! I have taken quite a bunch of picture of products, and they're waiting to be reviewed. So I will try to catch up with them asap, this year I had quite a massive haul of makeup product, you'll see more of them on my upcoming post. I'll try to start working with 'draft' mode. So I can eventually write a review just about everywhere as long as I got internet connection. I hope I could keep my 'blogging mood' long enough.

Ok, that's being said. Now I'm gonna make a quick review of this two products from Wet n Wild id:
Wet n Wild H2Oproof Liquid Eyeliner #black and Wet n Wild megaslicks lip gloss in #seedless watermelon

 Wet n Wild H2Oproof Liquid Eyeliner #black 

 Wet n Wild liquid eyeliner swatches and waterproof test:

How it looks on my eyes:

What I like:
★ Amazing formula:
★ Doesn't budge!
★ Waterproof
★ Easy to remove
★ Last all day on my oily eyelids, it's crazy!! I love it!

What I don't like:
- HARD built-in brush
- eyeliner falls out
- dried up to a semi-glossy finish

Ok, this item is rated 2.8 on makeupalley. Many complain about this being clumpy, messy, and hard to use. And yes, the ONLY downside of this product is its built-in felt tip brush, which is so HARD, unbendable, bulky, and many other bad thing about it. It's a total joke of a brush.
So yes, with brush this bad, application will be hundred times harder, and won't go as smooth. Remember that we'll always need a decent make-up applicator to achieve better looking makeup.
About the eyeliner itself. I'm seriously telling you that the formula is GREAT! it stands up til the end of the day, stands up my super oily eyelids (I used etude house proof10 eye primer). It didn't budge! It doesn't transfer to my undereye too (unlike many gel eyeliner I've tried - even MAC smudge a little!) Okay. Ikr, liquid eyeliner could be better in terms of staying power. And this one is a great product especially for the price. It's originally $3-4 but nearly hit $10.00 in my place. I have a very oily eyelid and it's VERY hard for me to find eyeliner that could stay in place for a full whole day. It's a win! Hmmm... there's one thing about the formula though, it dries up fast and became literally 'dry'. So you may find a bit fall out, but nothing's too hard to fix.
I won't use its crazy built in felt tip, I use separate eyeliner brush instead (from MasamiShouko) because it's easier to work with.

Final thought: this is a GOOD product! Too bad that the built in 'crazy' applicator ruined everything out. Wet n Wild REALLY NEED to improve it!

Formula: photo rating4.png
Built-in applicator:  photo rat0.png

Okay then, onto the next review: Wet n Wild Megaslicks lip gloss in seedless watermelon!

What I like:
★ Its nice, sweet smell
★ Very cheap $2.00 (US)
★ Doesn't leave sticky feeling

- Seedless watermelon is too sheer for my preference

- Tastes funny! Almost plasticy
- Wear-off really quick

Other Comments:
This is a so-so product for me. Well, tbh I don't really like wearing lipgloss, the only lipgloss I  currently use is SOAP AND GLORY sexy motherpucker lip plumper (or I'd say gloss? Well I like this one anw♥). So yeah, what I'd say... The shade I got is seedless watermelon, it looks vividly bright inside the transparent plastic casing, but comes out super sheer once swatched. Packaging is just okay, nothing special. It's your typical wand lip gloss case.
Each product contain 5,4g/0.19 oz of product. Will last for years I reckon. Hmmm.... There aren't many things that I like from this stuff. I like its sweet candy-like scent, it's not sticky too. And probably that's pretty much everything about it. (this cost $8 in my place, so heck. I'd better spend my money on other stuff.)
To the downside, this gloss tastes funny! everytime I wear it I feel like I'm eating plastic or something, yeww.... and it doesn't have any color-payoff that I won't bother to take a swatch on my lips because all you'll see is a glossy lips of mine, lol. This is too sheer! You'll like it to layer it over a lipstick for extra kick though. Staying power is very poor too :( It will only sit on my lips for less than an hour, lol. What kind of joke is that? I know glosses wear off pretty quickly but this one is even quicker! Haha!
Won't be getting more of this product :)

Rating: photo rat2x.png

Wet n Wild id facebook:
Wet n Wild id official site:

That's it for the reviews~ Thanks for reading and 'il next time ladies :)


  1. The eyeliner I hate that falls out then it makes makeup look messy and not pretty. I like that eyeliner color is pretty intense. The color looks so intense lipgloss in the package, but when you apply it looks so sheer, I think the truth is a complementary product is not something Than I´ll buy it because I don´t love the lipgloss either. Many thanks for your review dear,

  2. This eyeliner sounds like such a win! Too bad the brush is crap...=w=
    WetnWild doesn't have very intense lip glosses. :/ I don't really wear lip gloss either haha

    Thanks for sharing, sweetie!

  3. I tried the wet and wild eyeliner and hated it. I don't know, I love their blushes and eye shadows, but everything else hasn't worked out. :( But nice review! ;)

  4. I really like wet n wild's products. They are really good for the price.

    btw what lenses are you wearing? they look lovely ♥

  5. eyelinernyaaa kayanya oke, tapi aku juga ga suka yg semi glossy hahahah
    thanks reviewnya ce

  6. sakuranko: naah, the one who said that the eyeliner (by this I'm reffering to its formula) is messy is not me! hahaa,,, it's another reviewer on makeupalley. what I tried to say is, this eyeliner is a great product, but it's really a shame that the felt tip applicator ruined everything. Just use separate eyeliner brush and everything is okay

  7. atomicnony: Hi, I was wearing GEO waffle lens :)

  8. I've tried the lipgloss and the taste really annoying ._. btw the circle lens looks good on you :D


  9. lovely liner!!

  10. It's such a shame the eyeliner brush is a mess :'c But I think I will still buy it and just use it with another brush LOL because it's so cheap and the formula is great. I have so high expections in this because the MAC and Bobbi Brown liners smudge a bit on my eyes too T^T
    I think the gloss is too sheer for my liking it would be a nice clear lipgloss tho :3 btw, do you know if the gel eyeliner and the eyeshadows by wet n wild are good? I was seriously thinking about trying them but there are mixed reviews about both of them :/

    And thanks for the review~! ♡


  11. Too bad the brush is bad quality =( but you could also use the brushes like the ones of Etude House, the small ones ^^ I definitely want to try this one out! thanks for the review!

  12. wah bagus ya x)
    jd pingin beli :p

    eonniiii, mind to follow back? ^^
    thank you <3

  13. I use this eyeliner too! I hated it at first, but I repaired it with a few drops of saline solution. Now it glides on smoothly and doesn't cake and fall off. :)

  14. I used to use this eyeliner because abbykaleeleee recommended it on one of her videos.

    Although I like the color initially, I can't handle using the brush! It's rigid and painful to apply this eyeliner; it's obvious that the material is subpar. Bummer, because I love the grey color that the eyeliner comes in! :c