Sunday, September 22, 2013

ROJUKISS Natural Aqua Celtic Cream Review + Giveaway Announcement!

Yo Girls! Back with me with skincare review, and again, this time is another skincare stuff. Recently I've been trying new skincare line from Rojukiss (just right after my Clinique incident, lol) I use this sparingly with my lovely mizon snail cream. The other two products from Rojukiss that I use being Rojukiss ENCA AC control toner and AC drying pinky powder. Will be reviewing this to babies soon, hopefully~

Also, I have a giveaway winner announcement in the end of the post, please do read my review first before scrolling down ^-^ hehe...

Light, but Strong Hydration !
Freshly-Moisturizing aqua cream for Oily / Dry skin -
Celtic, the ideal mineral water from the Unesco classified.

+ Skin Soothing
+ Prevention of Moisture Evaporation
+ Long-lasting Moisture

All Skin Types
Volume : 100ml
Made in Korea

 half dried on the right side :)

 What I like:
★ Leaving fresh, non-greasy feeling
★ Hydrating
★ Paraben free!
★ Could be used as make-up primer, believe it or not. Try to wear this as a base and you'll notice a great difference on the color pay-off.

 - Perfumed, colored.

Rojukiss Natural Aqua Celtic Cream is a gel based moisturizer which contain lots of natural herbal extract such as extract from lime tree, aloe vera, chamomile, rosemary, licorice, etc. For extra hydration, you can benefit from the squalane, collagen, and hyaluronic acid in it.
This gel moisturizer is formulated for those with dry/oily skin. I myself have oily skin type which is so annoying, I'm acne prone too. And frankly it's extra hard for me to make a review of skincare product now because my skin has been acting up crazily (Clinique issues). Ok, let's talk about my crazy skin later on. I don't even wanna think about it now, lol.

So yeah, I got this cream earlier this month and I've been using it sparingly, every other day when my skin needs more moisture. I usually put it more on my forehead, nose, and my laughline. It hydrates really well despite being gel~ And leaving no greasy traces. The consistency and the color reminds me a lot to Lioele Multi Seaweed gel. I personally think this moisturizer suits oily skin more due to its gel-like consistency.

One of the reason I chose this cream is because I also get the other product from the same line, the other one being a Natural Celtic Mist Lime Tree. Well, I think I'm gonna make a separate review for this stuff later on. Just check on the link, people with acne prone skin is going to love it I guess ^-^

Allright, back to our Celtic Cream! It came in a huge 100ml plastic jar, no spatula included so you'll need to buy your own spatula. Or make sure that your finger is sanitized really really well before you touch the gel. Two things that I don't really like about the gel: first, it's artificially fragranced, second, it's artificially colored. Which is not really a good thing for a skincare product (I'm too used using gentle hadalabo and mizon). 

One thing about it that amaze me is its great function as a primer. Yeah you know that all kind of moisturizer could be categorized as a 'primer' cuz it primes the skin. On the same day, I was trying to swatch my very hard Chanel Joues Contraste which has overly poor pigmentation, I was so irritated because nothing comes out and I decided to just take a photo of this celtic cream instead. Once I finished with that, I think I'd just try to swatch the blush one more time and to my surprise, the color comes out really WELL! I was like, zomg, this stubborn JC finally show up some color on swatches!
Hmm, this cream is a great one to be put on before makeup because it keeps my foundation and concealer on place longer.

This cream didn't help much with MY acne, but well. Say that you're having a very oily skin, then you're logically more prone to acne, and if you use an oil free moisturizer like this, it will simply help your skin get more balance.
But well... sadly that doesn't work one me ;/ but I won't blame the cream, I know it's just my skin that's being nasty. I hope my skin is getting better already ;^; I'm sick of even looking myself at the mirror *sob
Naah...  I tried so hard to make honest and objective review, minus my fez! lol... so I hope you'll understand that I won't be publishing selcas these days around.

Last note from me, I'd recommend this for people who want a simple, basic skincare step who loves herbal ingredients~♥ This cream is also free from paraben, so 'yay' for that! ^o^


Now it's time for giveaway winner announcement! Two lucky winners will receive free OST VIT C 20 SERUM as a prize! Thanks for all participants~♥♥ I can't really thank you enough ^^

1. Joanna Ladesma
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  2. waw, bgus bgt yak kyknya buat dry skin.. mw cba tkut gag ccok krna kulitku oily >.<

  3. thanks for the review! :3 I hope your skin will improve soon <3

  4. Aku juga memiliki kulit kombisanasi (normal-oily)

  5. great post!

  6. This Rojukiss natural aqua celtic cream reminds me with the Liole seaweed gel cream because of it blue color lol, this cream somehow a little bit pricey to me, beside the effect of this cream can't reduce acne, I think not really worth to try, thanks for reviewing! ^^